If you were active in the blogosphere on Friday, you may have already seen the announcement that Ikea will be launching a line of dollhouse furniture in August. What?! You may have noticed that I’m a huge Ikea fan!

For this dollhouse collection, Ikea shrunk items like the popular Expedit bookshelf and the black and white Stockholm rug. I had a hard time finding the actual announcement and details, but I can’t help but be excited for all the little kids in the world who have or enjoy playing with dollhouses.

And the parents who have to make dollhouses somehow fit into their homes. You can see more images of these adorable furniture sets on The Daily Mail and one of my favorite blogs, Rambling Renovators.

While we don’t have a dollhouse and I don’t know much about them, many bloggers say that good-looking dollhouse furniture can be VERY expensive. These sets will be priced around $19.

Happy Monday!

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