Bodhi is at an age now that I LOVE! He is cuddly and sweet and tries to help others. He is also funny and happy and so so playful. Watching your tiny baby grow into a person who is learning words and thinks of others is such an incredible experience. If only time stood still…

I have been struggling for a while now with wishing time could slow down a bit. When babies are newborns, parents say that the days are long but the weeks are short. That was so true for us. Now, I feel like the days are short AND the weeks are short.

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Bedtime used to feel scary and like a constant struggle. Bodhi was a bad sleeper so I often dreaded the nights knowing that there would be more crying and awake moments than deep sleepy ones. Other mamas—can you relate?

Now, I can barely force myself to miss it, even when I have a date night or plans with friends. I love bedtime with this guy.

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Every night I reflect on the day before and replay Bodhi’s words, laughter, and even tears in my mind. I can’t help but kiss his soft baby-smelling hair and take it all in, because I’ve learned, this moment is the only one I have.

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And time won’t stand still, so I’ll attempt to enjoy each moment I have with this little guy—like the moment this guy sits in a stroller at the store and decides he wants to try on each and every single hat in the toddler section along with these too-large sunglasses.

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Yes, we have places to be and oh so much to do, but today, Bodhi is going to try on every single hat… even if it takes hours.

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p.s. He got bored after four this time, but this happens every time. :)

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