Update: Northside Elementary School is doing awesome in the 2013 Give with Target campaign. Please consider voting for them

It’s a double-post kind of day. I’m from a super small town in Minnesota called Benson. I grew up there. I’m still very close friends with most of my high school and even elementary school friends. Mr. Ebnet, a 2nd grade teacher, was THE teacher to get when I was in elementary school. This video is amazing and shows how Mr. Ebnet MADE. THINGS. HAPPEN.

I can’t begin to tell you the power of small towns. Small town people support each other. I’m not at all surprised that Mr. Ebnet, from a town of 3,000 some people, was able to get almost that many votes to receive gift cards to Target for school supplies and more. Small towns create a special bond that is never broken. There’s something amazing about growing up in a small town. Check out the video for some cute little faces and an inspirational story. And if you want to support Benson this year, “like” the page on Facebook.

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