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We received a Keurig coffee maker from a good friend as a bridal shower gift! How amazing is that? I love it in almost every way. The only problem is that I go through way too many cups of coffee each day and end up spending so much on K-Cups. I recently found some inexpensive K-Cups with less waste on Amazon.

For just $14.87 for 36 cups (using Amazon’s Subscribe and Save option), this is one of the least expensive options I’ve found. The design is a bit different with less plastic waste, so you’ll need to keep these in an airtight container or a plastic ziplock bag. We love the Fog Chaser and the Rainforest blend. I just ordered some of the French Roast, but can’t comment on it yet. :)

Do you have an individual cup kind of coffee maker (tongue twister anyone?)? How do you keep it budget friendly? I justified the K-Cups because they are so much less expensive than a big cup of goodness from Starbuck’s!

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