Beautiful image by Melissa Oholendt Photography.

I can’t get enough of watching my child interact with other children, especially my friends’ kids. How cute are little kid friendships? I know that they are just play buddies more than anything, but watching B interact with other little friends (like my super close friend’s son Miles above) makes my heart happy.

This is Bodhi and his cousin Reese! While they aren’t together in this photo, I wanted to share it. These two had a great time playing for hours a few weekends ago and all of the adults just stared at them. Kids playing well together are mesmerizing!

And I’m concluding with this messy but SO adorable photo of Bodhi with his other buddy Miles. These two were SO happy playing together on a recent Saturday night. This photo perfectly captures their joy and how much they love each other.

 Thanks to my sweet hubby for capturing this image with his phone while the girls were downstairs enjoying a glass of wine.

Did you notice a trend of all boys? Yes, this little generation (August 2010 to June 2011) of my friends’ kids are ALL boys. It’s unbelievable. A few girls have joined the mix since, but at B’s birthday alone there were 17 boys and only 5 girls. And that’s after two other little guests who were boys were sick and couldn’t make it.

Do you love seeing kids play together as much as I do?

p.s. I’m over on Buy Modern Baby sharing a fun recent find for Bodhi’s closet.

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