How to get changeable seasonal art on a budget

I’m excited about today’s post. I’m going to show you how to get changeable seasonal art for under $20 that you could use for holidays like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthday parties or just to change with the seasons.

My friend Heidi (who seriously needs to get her blog going) recently shared a really budget-friendly secret with me that has made a big difference in our lives. OK, my life. OK, our home decor and parties.

Did you know Costco prints 20×30 photos for $9? This was life changing for me. Wow, I’m being dramatic today, but seriously. It’s pretty sweet. And that, combined with my friend Megan’s changeable frame art on her wall inspired today’s post. 

Large scale art prints

First, I used these prints for my cousin’s baby shower like the above photo, by simply taping them to the wall.

Changeable art with seasonal prints on a budget

Then I used it for seasonal art for the holidays.

Then I realized I could make it into an awesome changeable art piece in our home. And since we have a lot of blank walls, this fulfills a lot of needs. It fills a wall. It gives me the flexibility to change art out since I get bored easily and love having a few seasonal changes in our house (like pillow covers).

Here’s how I did it for under $20 per season in five easy steps.

1. Buy a large frame

I bought a 20×30 frame from Art-to-Frame. I bought a white one, surprise surprise, but they have a huge selection. The initial investment of a frame will cost you from $21 for a super basic frame to $40 or so for wood or painted wood. I bought one kind of in the middle, a white-washed wood frame, but stuck with an inexpensive “glass” because with changing it that often, real glass wasn’t a priority for me. Please keep in mind that these frames are nice, but they aren’t super heavy duty. For me, it serves my purpose and I’ve never found prices like this. You could, of course, buy a larger frame and put in a matte or buy a smaller frame for smaller art. I wanted something huge that could make an impact.

2. Search digital downloads on Etsy

Then you find a digital download on Etsy that you LOVE! I’ve started a Pinterest board to help you out. Follow it for all of my favorite picks. I personally try to pick digital downloads that are cheap… $4-$5 is my preference unless I really love it!

3. Ask the seller if they would create a 20×30 for a few extra dollars. 

Here’s the tough part. Almost no digital downloads are that large. But, to date, I’ve asked six Etsy sellers to enlarge for me and they have all happily done it for $2 or less. Some do it for free, but for me, the $2 is worth it for the extra time they need to put in.

4. Send it to Costco to be printed as a 20×30. 

Use Costco’s online photo center and order the print for $9. Sometimes you do have to turn a pdf into a jpg but sometimes the prints are jpg files already.

5. Pick up your print, frame and hang!

Pretty easy, right? At a minimum, you will spend $13 per season with the digital download and Costco, but you will almost never spend more than $20. Plus, you can invest one year and then just use the same prints every year if you want.

I’m already searching for our Valentine’s Day print and Spring! Plus I’ll plan to change it out for birthdays too. Such fun! What do you think?

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