OK, that title is a bit dramatic, but painting has changed my decorating perspective. Painting things regularly has completely opened up my eyes to new possibilities every day. I literally see everything in my house and at every store, as an opportunity. I used to think that we needed to throw out this piece of furniture or that one (well, donate it) because it’s not the color or style I now prefer.

For example, I went through a phase a few years ago of loving dark wood and I wanted all of my frames, furniture etc… that color. So, when my hubby and I started furnishing our home together after I moved in, we bought all dark brown/black furniture, frames and shelves. And then I decided I liked white.

When we moved, I originally thought we would get rid of a lot of stuff. I still kind of thought that the whole house had to match. Boy was I wrong!

Now I know and really believe that two items in one room don’t even have to match if you like them. I’m mostly into white, ivory and walnut pieces right now, but because I know my design tastes change from year to year (or one day to the next. Ha!), we still have some black/dark brown pieces around. And for the ones that are very useful and lovely besides the color, I plan to paint them.

I’m going to take on painting our big Ikea Expedit shelf in our office. I’m afraid to do it. It’s huge! Even if it doesn’t end up perfect, but it brightens up the room, it’s worth it for the cost savings and the blog post about how I messed up, right?

I have painted lamps and mirrors and side tables and light fixtures and candle holders and frames and plant pots and cake stands and so much more in the past year instead of getting rid of them and buying something new. It’s very satisfying, almost always turns out and the worst case scenario is just to repaint it. No big deal!

As of today, I have plans to paint:

  • B’s bed
  • B’s new wooden airplane
  • More frames
  • Two Expedit bookshelves
  • 1 vintage side table
  • 2 lamps
  • 2 bedside tables
  • One side of our kitchen island
  • Wine bottles
  • Rubber children’s animals

And these are all things we just have sitting around. Can you imagine how much it would cost to replace these things?

Have you had any “aha” moments when it comes to home design and finding new uses for old things? Have a lovely week!

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