B’s room used to be my favorite place ever. In our old house, that is. When we moved, I attempted to put things up and make it look similar. Even the wall color was close, but none of it worked.

For starters, the room is bigger here and the furniture and art do not fill the room up.

The ceiling is taller and therefore, so are the windows. The curtains don’t fit and look ridiculous. I put up a couple of blackout curtains behind the other ones as a lazy quick fix when we first moved in. Not good. The broken curtain rod doesn’t help.

Second, the room here has less character. No wood floors in his room, no old trim, no closet doors with a place to put super cute hardware.

His paper lantern cluster got a bit smashed in the move and I haven’t yet replaced the damaged ones.

I was a bit overwhelmed with moving and Bodhi’s first birthday party planning when we moved in, so I just hung stuff up without ever really thinking about it. It didn’t work. It doesn’t work.

Now Bodhi is sleeping on a mattress on the floor for many reasons, but this post should explain it best. It looks bad, especially because we’ve been using guest room bedding that isn’t at all boyish or childish.

The challenge: I can’t decide what to do next. Do we buy a budget-friendly full size bed (with toddler safety rails) since I still sleep with B for part of the night? Do we splurge on his “forever” bed, an awesome modern twin, now even though there will be nowhere for me to sleep?

Decisions, decisions and because this guy has become a full-blown boy with opinions and likes and dislikes and a sense of humor. It’s become even more important to me to give him a room that fits his amazing little personality.

Seriously! Look at him. Isn’t he such a big boy? How did this happen? Everyone says it, but until I experienced it… there are no words. It’s seriously unbelievable to watch your baby turn into a little independent person. My husband and I still look at each other many times each day in awe… this is our baby, our little guy.

I digress… Back to the room. We do finally have a plan and a subtle theme. I’m not big on themes for rooms and now that he is a big boy with many interests, I feel like I can’t decide that for him. I think it’s fine and often quite fabulous for nurseries, but not big boy rooms. I’m going to add some nice little touches with nods to the things B is currently very into, but just subtle.

I’ll show the updated rom soon enough, but wanted to share the current state of things. I’m off to Ikea this evening after a few hours at a client’s office. Their curtain rods can’t be beat.

Sharing the current state with you is bit embarrassing, but it’s also a kick in the pants to get moving on making B’s big boy room a serene room for rest and relaxation that also encourages imagination and creativity. One of his special Christmas gifts from my mom will be a part of the room and was a big factor in deciding the new/updated color palette.

Have you done the baby to toddler room transition yet? Any tips during this odd in-between time?

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