I have been sick for a full week with a stomach bug and have been in this room for the majority of seven days. I won’t go into details, but I will say that feeling terrible, being dehydrated, having low energy and not being able to eat at all or drink my daily cup of coffee made the past week no fun (don’t worry. I visited a doc since I’m pregnant and dehydration can be a big concern). I can’t remember ever being this sick in my life and I’m sure pregnancy and a toddler added to that a bit.

But, my husband was a rock star and beyond. You know how when moms get sick, they still have to function? Well, I wasn’t functioning. My husband understood and took over completely. I literally laid in bed for a week with the exception of one day when I felt amazing for some reason and then went back to terrible.

Laying in bed for a week, while it may sound awesome to some very exhausted parents out there, is not good for the soul. I started feeling like I would NEVER get to hang out with friends again, NEVER have energy to play with B again, NEVER be able to get all of our house projects done before baby etc… I started to feel hopeless. Not good. 

After a long week, I woke up yesterday afternoon feeling much much better. A new person. I have energy, joy and some serious motivation to get things moving in our house with just 3.5 months left before baby arrives.

I think I’m just super grateful to feel good because I haven’t had this much energy in months. I’m going to take advantage of it and get things done. Yesterday afternoon, I got Bodhi’s room almost completely finished. We ended up buying him a new bed a couple of weeks ago so I finally brought in the bedding, hung some new art and spent a lot of time decluttering and getting things put in a donations box. With the exception of a fun closet addition, his room is going to be called complete!

Next up is the guest room. We have to turn it into a guest room/playroom. Not an easy feat, but we have a plan which includes B’s old daybed. Then we can start on the nursery and planning B’s third birthday party.

Being sick was awful but I have a renewed perspective on my life. I appreciate B’s energy and WANT to play dinosaurs with him. I WANT to rock him to sleep sometimes. I WANT to do the bedtime routine (which I was starting to dread) and WANT to take him on adventures again. Pregnancy (and probably this long cold winter) has generally given me low energy and I’ve started just needing to get through each day. After not getting to play and do all of our daily things for a week, I truly appreciate the mundane things that make my life MY LIFE. Yes, even doing the dishes yesterday and going to bed with a perfectly clean counter made me happy!

I know that daily tasks in our lives (parents or not parents) can get old. We start to dread them or tire of them, but this was such a good reminder that this is life. Life is beautiful.

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