We have curtains! Yes, I’m completely thrilled! It makes a huge difference for us. Can you see them at the top of the photo above? I’m a tease, right?

I mentioned our little iDye curtain mishap here. Well, this DIY mistake helped me come around to the idea of buying fabric and having an extremely talented seamstress sew a basic panel for our windows. I gave up on the idea that I can do everything. I CANNOT SEW! I admit it. I really wish I could, but I can’t. There would be so many projects I would take on if I had that talent. Maybe someday I’ll take a basic sewing class. Anyone have recommendations on an inexpensive sewing machine I could buy to give it a try?

Anyway, my mother-in-law told me that a friend was visiting her daughter in Minneapolis for the entire summer and that she is a VERY talented seamstress. At this point, I still thought I would somehow magically do it myself. I considered painting striped curtain panels like these.

{via Reckless Glamour}

But, let’s be real! I needed 10 panels, and the idea of taping and measuring and painting 10 of them was overwhelming to say the least. And while I am no longer afraid of mixing patterns and trying different colors, I thought the bold curtains and the bold pattern on our rug would compete a bit. Honestly though, I really believe it’s worth a shot with these things. You can sometimes find a look that is all your own. Think outside the box with home design, my friends! It used to scare me, but no more. You can always change it, dye it, move it etc…

So, after the iDye situation, I swallowed my pride and went ahead. We chased down 30 yards of fabric by driving to all four of the larger JoAnn Fabrics stores in the Twin Cities. We drove more than 75 miles that day!

And we ended up with these beauties that look a lot like these.

What do you think? Actually, don’t answer that! We LOVE them. They brighten up the room. The pattern is very subtle when you walk in and the color is just what we wanted.

Here are a few more angles.

And the last one.

Besides the ridiculous cost of buying 108 inch curtain panels anywhere, the rods can get super expensive. I LOVE the simplicity of the Ikea rods we went with. The pole was $3.99 and a set of brackets was $1.99 (If I remember correctly), so for less than $6 you have a sleek wide curtain rod.

If you know of any good online stores for curtains or rugs, please let us know! I am still in need of MANY more curtain panels for the rest of our home. Help a girl out!

Have  a great week, my friends!