Holiday Gift Guide Beautiful neutral play kitchens that will fit in your home

Gorgeous grey kitchen | Simple kitchen | Deluxe espresso and silver kitchen
Bright white and clean kitchen | Small fun kitchen
Budget friendly kitchen | Espresso modern kitchen | White retro kitchen

I know it’s early, but with Thanksgiving happening Thursday, I have my mind on kitchens. While we cook, our boys play with their kitchen. Bodhi and Ezra love their simple affordable IKEA play kitchen (bottom left). We love the price and the fact that it’s design is simple and it blends in to our family room where we like to keep it.

While it’s great, there are definitely other kitchens with more bells and whistles we’d love. Today in our first holiday gift guide, I’m sharing eight beautiful play kitchens that are perfect for any home and children. Play kitchens make great holiday gifts and these eight fairly neutral play kitchens would all be fantastic for children.

Most are under $200, some are under $100 and one is in a pretty high price point, but it’s more beautiful than our actual kitchen. Our play kitchen has provided hours and hours of fun, imagination and creativity for our two boys. I’m hoping these will make great gifts for the children in your lives too!

Gorgeous grey kitchen
This is the most beautiful play kitchen I’ve ever seen, but the price point is higher than most parents would ever spend on a kitchen.

Simple kitchen
I love the simple and subtle touches of color on this simple play kitchen with a small footprint. This is perfect for smaller homes or play spaces.

Deluxe espresso and silver kitchen
Whoa! This kitchen is huge and full of fun. The modern design would work well in many homes.

Bright white and clean kitchen
I love this bright kitchen. It’s pretty, gender neutral and full of fun.

Small fun kitchen
Another kitchen with a small footprint and reasonable price point.

Budget friendly kitchen
This IKEA kitchen is the one we have and I’ve seen some pretty amazing hacks to make this kitchen a bit more interesting. At $69 for IKEA family members, you can’t beat the price point.

Espresso modern kitchen
One of my favorite food bloggers owns this kitchen and her daughters love it. The price point seems really solid for all that you get with this kitchen

White retro kitchen
This isn’t my typical style, but this is my favorite kitchen for the price. It’s loaded up with knobs and drawers and doors, it’s white (bright!) and I like the vintage feel. The price point is also good for the size.


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