Today I’m so excited to welcome Tiffany from The Tastefull Life to Live the fancy life! I’ve talked about some of Tiffany’s amazing and very inexpensive do-it-yourself home projects and her daughter’s CUTE-beyond-words circus first birthday. Tiffany is the mother to two beautiful girls so is the perfect person to swing by with a gift guide for little girls. 

I am beyond psyched (and a wee bit nervous) to be a guest here today!  Like many of you, I discovered Live the fancy life after seeing Bodhi’s amazing nursery featured…well everywhere! After checking out the nursery posts, I stuck around to peruse other posts and was hooked. I love all the fun and practical inspiration going on here.

When Jessica posted her gift guide for the wee ones in your life I chuckled because all the toys were either boy toys or gender neutral. Similarly if you visited my blog, it would take you 5 seconds to figure out that I’m the mama of two girly girls-Genevieve (3) and Nadia (15 months). So I am thrilled to be adding some “girl gifts” to the Live the fancy life gift guide.  

Most of the toys here are things my girls have, are getting for Christmas or are on my wish list for the future.

1. Uppercase and Lowercase Alphabet Blocks Set ($17.95) I love nontraditional blocks! I’ve been eyeing this set for a while now.
2. KidKraft Pastel Baking Set ($21.97) I ordered this for my Genevieve for Christmas. I’m having way too much fun adding “appliances” and accessories to her kitchen.
3. B. Boogie Bus, Rrrroll Models ($16.90) This one I purchased for Nadia. When my oldest was her age, she loved school buses (still does!). There are many versions of this but I love that this one is a bit chunky and comes with a cute set of “friends.”
4. Burlap Children’s Play Tent (multiple colors) ($74) This darling tent comes in 19 colors and you can add on personalized bunting! I’m in love!
5. Heart for Hearts Rahel from Ethiopa ($27.99) I am in love with all of these dolls.  When you purchase one, a part of your purchase price goes toward children’s issues in the country your doll is from. My girls are brown with curly hair so I chose Rahel from Ethiopia. I’m a big believer in championing diversity at home (and how much easier does it get than buying a doll?!), so I’d love to eventually collect the dolls from other countries.
6.  Mega Bloks Build ‘n Create 80-Piece Bag ($17.99) They are big and plastic and not terribly pretty… but my Genevieve loves them!  I can hear her now “Wanna build a tower with me mommy?!”
7. KidKraft Wooden Kitchen – Pink ($139) My girls love pretend play.  I love pretty, high quality toys.  With this adorable wooden kitchen, everyone’s happy.
8. Fisher Price Minnie Mouse Birthday Bowtique ($21.99) I ordered this for Genevieve after a visit to a friend’s house during which she played with it almost nonstop.  A toy that keeps my 3-year-old occupied long enough for me to catch up with a friend?!  Yes please!

There are tons of adorable and affordable toys out there; these are just a handful my girls already love or will get to love after Christmas this year that I think will make fantastic gifts.  I’d love to hear what your child’s favorite toy is!

Thanks for stopping by, Tiffany! I LOVE your picks! 

Some affiliate links included. 

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