Hello, hello long lost friends! I’ve been on a lovely vacation with my guys since Dec. 20. It was AMAZING to just be. I’ll recap our break next week. Today I wanted to share how we spent our New Year’s Eve!

At noon on Dec. 31, I decided to quickly message a few neighborhood friends who have 2-3 year-olds and who we regularly play with to see if they might be up for a kids dinner/NYE pizza party. We have an annual neighborhood party at the house next to ours, but I thought a very kid-focused dinner before the larger party might make the night even more festive. Lucky for us, they all said “yes” and off I went.

Bef0re B’s nap, we ran to our local market, grabbed five pizzas (as ordering delivery on NYE seemed like a bad idea) and then hit up the party store. We went home. B napped.

I quickly set up our kids table and pulled out napkins, party favor bags, straws, cupcake toppers etc… that I had around from past parties. Using just gold, silver, black and white items, I threw together a fun little festive party with only a couple of free printables, things I already had and new party hats and napkins. So easy!

The party favor bags were from Target. I bought them for another party a while ago. I put in glow bracelets, a lollipop, New Year’s necklace and finished it with a free printable and a paperclip. One of my sweet neighbors had leftover noisemakers from a birthday party so we had those as well. Such fun!

The paper straws are from Bodhi’s birthday. I put some Martha Stewart Celebrations silver fringe cupcake toppers in the straw for a fun little flair. I picked them up on clearance at JC Penney a while ago with no real plan for when I’d use them. Luckily, we already had some fun fringe garland from my friend Carmen at The Flair Exchange in the room which made one wall festive. I added the photo backdrop to the other wall.

That was the easiest thing ever. I used the backdrop from our party favor bar at the Very Merry Cocktail party and added a free printable “Happy 2014” banner from Paging Supermom. I then used my new Polaroid camera that I won on Melissa Creates to take a few fun photos.

 Happy 2014 to you all! How did you spend your New Year’s Eve? Has it changed since you’ve had kids?

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