I love the idea of a new year! A fresh start. It gives you a reason to pause and strategize. With a new business and working on my own, I’ve been winging it a bit this year because frankly, I didn’t know where my next paycheck was going to come from. But, things have become clearer and clearer. Over the last few months I’ve started to plan out my workflows, my routines, my priorities and a strong business plan. I’ve stopped taking every single project or opportunity that comes my way. I take the ones I know I can put my heart in fully.

I’ve realized that the thing I’m missing most about working a corporate job is the people. Your comments and emails are huge! I love the interaction. And with that, I know that I need to find a way to surround myself with creative people. I’ll be making changes in the coming weeks to ensure that people are a part of every work day. And I need to make sure I commit to helping those who reach out to me for advice or a simple coffee date to discuss their dreams. I’ve been selfish with my time these last few months because I only have childcare three days each week, but that will change. If you work on your own, I’d love to hear from you about balancing work time with relationships.

I started working on our office recently, the place I spend many hours alone. Up until now, it has been a dumping ground for event decor, hosting supplies craft projects, bags, wrapping paper and boxes. From Miles’ Curious George party to Ali and Matt’s wedding, I have housed hundreds of fun props and DIY project materials in this little room. Now it’s time to get it cleared and ready for a new year. Clear the clutter!

I also invested in an Emily Ley Simplified planner. I bought one last year because I wanted to support Emily (who I met during the Making Things Happen tour) and this year’s planner is even more beautiful and functional.

I purchased another pair of glasses. A few weeks back, I finally admitted to myself that I can no longer see anything that is 6 feet or more away and need my glasses 100% of the time. Hard to admit and since I don’t want contacts, I decided to invest in some new spectacles. These are Warby Parker Percy glasses. LOVE!

via Warby Parker

Most importantly, I took an hour yesterday, during Bodhi’s naptime to sketch out what worked in 2012 and what didn’t. I followed Lara Casey’s Making Things Happen goal-setting steps 1 through 3. You can see my Making Things Happen in 2013 Pinterest board here.

Things that fire me up or what I’ll be doing more of in 2013

  • Humble honest writing. I’ll mostly fill the pages of Live the Fancy Life with pretties and inexpensive ways to add fancy to our every day lives, but I also want to get better at sharing myself. It’s a scary thing to do. I want to tell you more about my business, but feel like I’m not ready yet. I’ll break the silence soon. I want to share the story of my severe baby blues with you because I know many new moms out there are dealing with it. I want to share my sometimes-very-messy house with you. I want to share my challenges and fears and learnings with you. And I want to share all of my failures in decorating, party-planning, photography, parenting and more. SCARY? Yes. Worth it? I think so. So far, you’ve been very forgiving and you keep coming back. Have I told you lately how grateful I am to have you stopping by? No? Well, thank you! And, I’d love to hear about you too. Leave a link to your honest blog posts or just comment. I always stop by other blogs when I hear about them.
  • Running. I have committed to running 13 races in 2013. I start tomorrow morning with a 5K at 10 a.m. in FREEZING COLD downtown Minneapolis. I ran the first one since Bodhi was born, in Washington D.C. on Thanksgiving morning. It was wonderful. Thank goodness for my favorite running partner! She is my rock! Running clears my mind and gives me the energy I need to keep up with an amazingly active high-energy, hilarious, beautiful toddler. Losing the last 15 pounds of pregnancy weight could be a bonus, but is definitely not the focus here.
  • Partnering. I need to work with other Minneapolis-based creatives on some big things. The details here are yet to be determined, but I know I need this.
  • Housekeeping. Keeping our house in order gives me sanity. Not perfect, just in order. Our 5-minute clean-up worked like a charm this last year. We’ve let it go these last few weeks, but we’ll get back to it.
  • Playing. I need to play outside more. Over the last week, Bodhi and I have been on three walks. If you are not from Minnesota, I can’t even begin to explain to you how incredibly cold it is here now. With the windchill, it is well below zero degrees. But, we splurged on serious winter gear last year because we knew that our child would need fresh air. The walks are quiet and peaceful and beautiful. Bodhi is slow in the snow, but loves every minute of it.
  • Friendship and hosting casually. My husband and I have decided to try to host our friends casually more often. We don’t see our friends enough and most of the time when we try to “just have people over,” one of two things happens. I try too hard and end up going all out for a simple movie night or football-watching gathering. It makes it seem WAY too hard. I do it to myself. OR people don’t show up. I’ve decided to accept that people may not show up even if they say they are going to, but it is still worth trying to maintain friendships. It is. I’m certain of this. Plus, I’ve had success with two of my best friends just putting on a simple dinner and play date. Friendship matters. And for the friendships that matter most, I have to keep trying. When Cassie from Chubbymama Cupcakes and I had babies at the same time, our friendship thrived on just getting together when we could in whatever way we could. If it meant crying while nursing our babies in her living room, so be it. Or on a good day, it meant a walk around beautiful Lake Calhoun followed by lunch (and a cocktail) on the rooftop at the Uptown Cafeteria on a very sunny summer day. Neither of us would have ever guessed that day would’ve turned out so lovely, but it did. Get rid of expectations and just try.

And so much more, but I’ve been a bit wordy. Tell me about you! What are your goals for 2013? Or, what will you keep doing because it worked for you in 2012?

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