Bodhi's paper lantern mobile is definitely coming with us! :)

I’ve hesitated to share much about our plans for the new house, in part because it felt like we’d never actually move. But, we’re two weeks out from closing and it appears things are happening! Not that I doubted it, but it just seems surreal.

{photo credit---Photogen-Inc}

And I’m feeling a bit nostalgic about our current house. It’s a 1950s rambler with some great character, plenty of space and most importantly, it’s the house where we lived when we were engaged, got married and brought home our first baby.

So, as we begin to bid farewell to our first real home together, I thought I’d show you the rooms we worked on during our time here… a little home tour, if you will. And soon enough, I will share some of the plans for our new home. Enjoy!

The nursery—the nursery was the first room I ever put together starting from scratch. We were able to pick and choose exactly what we wanted rather than working around an old piece of furniture. There is nothing like the experience of creating the perfect room for a person you love beyond words but haven’t even met.

The nursery is also the post that brings most readers to live the fancy life these days. It was featured here, herehere, here and here. See the entire nursery post here.

The kitchen—We remodeled our kitchen on a budget a few months after our wedding in March 2010. We painted the walls and cabinets, added granite tile countertops, new light fixtures, new hardware, a new microwave and added new tile after thinking we might have good hardwood under a few layers of vinyl. That didn’t pan out! Before Bodhi was born, we spent the majority of our time together in the kitchen. From making dinner together to enjoying a nice glass of wine or hot cup of coffee, the kitchen was perfect for the two of us. See the kitchen post including links to before and after shots here.

Our bedroom—The bedroom was a low-budget production for sure! We had to work with furniture we already had so just added curtains, a light fixture from Ikea, new bedding and a few accessories. We kept the paint color the same as it was from a few years before and kept the bedroom simple and cozy. See the bedroom post here.

We also remodeled the breezeway, a room connecting the garage to the main house. I never captured the room very well. And we made some minor changes to the living room. Here is a photo from Christmas. We painted the mantel white and eventually painted the trim around the built-ins too.

I didn’t have photos of the office, the basement or guest bedroom and the bathroom is too small to get a good pic.

This house has been the perfect little place to plan our wedding, change jobs, get married, travel to and from, have a baby, plan huge christmas cocktail parties three years in a row, host many baby and bridal showers and most importantly, make many small memories in between like dancing in the kitchen with my husband when our first dance song comes on or a glass of wine by the fire with our cats, Bonnie and Clyde lying on our feet, or dinners where Bodhi laughs hysterically when my sweet hubby dances or simply says “elbow.” Yes, Bodhi thinks it’s funny when you say “elbow” and touch your elbow. Or when Bodhi says “hot” as I make myself a cup of coffee with our Keurig. We celebrate with cheers and lots of clapping when he says “hot.” I love these memories.

We’ll spend the next two week packing and going about our days and rushing around getting things done, but I wanted to take just a few minutes to remember all of the beautiful moments that occurred here in our little home.