The holidays are here! We are hosting Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at our home with my family and my husband’s parents. The focus is not on the gifts. It’s on love and games and fun and family and finding the pickle ornament and playing and resting and of course, eating. While we did get Bodhi a few educational gifts and necessities, we are trying hard to make the holidays about the people and experience, not the things. It’s tough though. We read this article and this article recently and while we are nowhere near perfect, we’re working on it.

Do you have any traditions that help put the focus where it should be—on love? Please share.

Happy happy holidays to all of you. You have made my 2012 better than I ever imagined and I plan to make 2013 even better. Thanks to you, this blog is now a part of my job, something I would never have dreamt of a year ago. Cheers!

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