Our wedding was such a lovely day. I was actually sad it was over for a good year. I can now look back on that happy day with joy but also be grateful we are where we are now, a little family of three.

Today we celebrate four years of marriage. We’ve traveled every year since our wedding. First we honeymooned on Maui. Then we went to Carmel, California followed by Las Vegas and last year, we spent this weekend in Vail, Colorado. This year, we took too long to figure out the childcare thing so we’ll be traveling in November. Oops!

But we’ll be escaping to a hotel tonight including a stop at the spa and dinner out. And then we’ll be traveling to Sedona early next month.

The past four years have been nothing shy of amazing. They have been years filled with love, joy, change, challenges, sorrow, inspiration and risks. We have filled our days with laughter, playing with Bodhi, coffee, cooking, walks, adventures, How I Met Your Mother episodes, home decorating decisions, DIY and home projects, football, playgrounds, dessert (too much dessert) and so much more.

In four years…

Got married.

Traveled many times.

Had career changes. Hubby made partner. I got promoted.

Remodeled our old kitchen.

Made the old house our home.

Found out I was pregnant.

Took a babymoon.

Enjoyed a wonderful pregnancy.

Planned our son’s nursery in our old home.

Welcomed Bodhi into this world.

Went back to work after maternity leave.

Left my career with a company I was with for nearly five years for another career opportunity.

Struggled with major sleep deprivation. For a long long time.

Built our “forever home”.

Celebrated our son’s first birthday.

Jes left her job to start her business.

Hosted Christmas in our new home.

Celebrated Bodhi turning two.

Took our first real family vacation.

Attended my first big blog conference, Alt SF

Bodhi started preschool

And so much in between. And really, the moments in between define life more than huge events for the most part. Just looking back on all of this is so amazing to me! Where will we be in another year?

Happy anniversary to my love! Life would be nothing without you!

Photo credit from top down: Photogen-Inc, Melissa Oholendt Photography, Gina Zeidler Photography, Melissa Oholendt Photography.

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