2014 Gift Guide Gifts for active kids

Being stuck inside most of the winter is tough with kids. My husband and I are getting Bodhi active gifts for Christmas this year. We have come across so many great options which is why I’m sharing this one first! I think you’ll find something in your price range and that fits your space for the active 2 to 7-year-old in your life. I know some of these aren’t practical in most homes, but I included a variety to be sure I covered many of our favorite things. Enjoy!

Foam Pogo Jumper
At this price, this could be a stocking stuffer. OK, that’s not entirely true, but the price is great, keeps active kids active and is safe in the home and outside. I also love that adults can use this. Such fun!

Indoor snowball fight set
We own this one and have “snowball” fights regularly. The balls actually sort of feel like snow and they are so much fun! They aren’t strong enough to knock much over, so we haven’t had issues playing anywhere in our house.

Kids small trampoline
This one would be great if you don’t have the budget or the space for the bigger one.

Moluk Bilibo
The name tells you nothing, I know. :) But this fun piece is sometimes talked about as a “teeter-totter for one.” It’s made of non-toxic, recyclable materials and is suitable for indoor and outdoor play. I love that this could keep kids in cool climates busy indoors.

Easy-store slide
This slide rocks because you can store it flat. That means you can take it out sometimes and put it in the closet when you don’t want it taking up your living room floor.

Stomp rocket
Boys and girls as well as most adults I know, will seriously love the stomp rocket. This has been our go-to gift this year for most of Bodhi’s friends because it’s pretty active, super fun and at a good price-point for most.

River stones
These are SO much fun! We recently picked up a set for Bodhi and we play with them nearly daily. We pretend that there is an alligator in the river and cross from one side of our room to the other, play hopping games and more. These are also great for large motor skill development.

Hoppity ball
An oldie but goodie that will help your little one burn off some energy when stuck indoors.

Balance beam
For large motor skills development, or just because, this is a fun option.

Monkey bars tower
This one won’t work for many people in the winter. We just happen to have an unfinished basement that we use for a play space. Climbing is one of Bodhi’s favorite activities so I just had to include this.

Kids indoor or outdoor trampoline
We actually own this and we have it in our unfinished basement. It’s SO much fun! This is on the higher end, but might be a great gift from grandparents or as a main gift for a couple of kids. We love it and have used it often since B got it for his third birthday.

Skyward Summit (also known as a climbing mountain)
This price point is really high, but the climbing options could be great for a family with more than one child hoping to go in on a larger gift.

Lastly, I’d also recommend finding a great kids exercise video. You can find some on youtube or Amazon.

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