Live the Fancy Life Gift guide Gifts for babies who are 3 to 9 months oldWhile baby stuff is THE ABSOLUTE CUTEST, I find it best to stick to practical items that are slightly fun or I buy up a size or age since Ezra will have no idea he is receiving gifts. I put together a gift guide that is based on the things I’m buying or asking for this year for Ezra. I’d only add this sweet chair to the list because Bodhi still uses his and I even fit in it for story time at night. Definitely go with the oversized version.

OK, where were we? Back to our gift guide for babies ages three to nine months. Enjoy!

Tummy time mirror
We love this one by Manhattan Toy Company, but this Skip Hop version is pretty great too.

Textured ball set for baby
Ezra is all about the texture lately. He loves touching things with his fingers and of course, putting everything in his mouth.

Minnetonka Moccasins for baby
I know that Freshly Picked moccs are all the rage for babies right now and we do own a pair we picked up during a sale, but I LOVE the classic look and the much more approachable price tag of Minnetonka Moccasins. These come in three colors and seem really practical for small babies! This gift is a bit more for mom and dad, but babies don’t know the difference anyway and I think most parents agree that toys are not a great investment most of the time.

Haba swing
For a larger gift, this swing is great. It can, apparently, hold up to a 60-pound child which could potentially bring you to age 5 or so. Some reviewers say that baby will outgrow it by the size of their middle a bit sooner, but a fun gift, nonetheless. I also love this “air fairy” version which is available on Amazon Prime.

Wood teething toys
Ezra wants EVERYTHING in his mouth right now and I like to keep these in several places throughout the house to keep him occupied.

Other safe teething toys
I love Lifefactory teething rings and there are so many other great options out there including the ridiculously popular Sophie the Giraffe.

Baby Paper
This stuff is so simple and so fun. I’ve seen DIY options as well, but if you’re keeping the holidays simple like we are, just buy it. It would be a great stocking stuffer or regular gift.

Anything from The Land of Nod’s baby toys section. Seriously. Anything! :)

Again, I feel like I could go on and on. I may do a second “gifts for baby” guide soon.

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