I have been thinking about sharing my postpartum experience with you for some time now (like more than a year) and decided a while back that I want to. I have waited for several months because I’m working on getting together some solid resources for those moms out there who may be reading this and need help rather than simply posting my experience. It may only help one person out there and the rest of you may not appreciate it, but for the one it might help, it’s worth it to me.

Even after I was feeling much better, Lara’s story was still really comforting to me. I have become very passionate about sharing my experience—not to scare my friends (which I do worry about), but to be sure that everyone knows I was there and if they too experience it, they know someone who they could talk to or simply know they aren’t alone.

While I love sharing all kinds of pretty stuff here, I also feel passionate about being real, sharing life and helping others if I can. I was once, not too long ago, in a very dark place and now know that things get better. It’s not all rainbows, spray paint, pretty fabrics and play dates over here, my friends. So here I am with my very first post even touching on it, but I have several things planned in the not-so-distant future.

I recently read “Down came the rain” by Brooke Shields. It chronicles the actress’s experience with severe postpartum depression. I wanted to read how another mother talks about it before working on my own story. I took notes throughout my experience and wrote blog posts (and kept them in draft form) that at the time I thought I would publish but didn’t. When you are in the middle of a tough experience, it can be very hard to admit it and very hard to share it.

I’ll share soon enough, but am interested to know if any of you experienced it as well. The statistics say that 1 in 8 women experience postpartum depression at some level and nearly 70 percent of women experience the baby blues. That seems so high, yet I didn’t know of a single person who experienced either after Bodhi was born. Of course as soon as I started sharing my experience, I quickly learned that several people I know also experienced one or the other or both. Did any of you experience baby blues or postpartum depression? Please feel free to leave an anonymous comment if that’s easier for you.

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