I know it’s still “before Thanksgiving” and many people don’t like to talk about winter holidays until after Thursday, but I am definitely in the holiday spirit. Our tree is up and is so lovely in the evenings. I am shopping for holiday gifts for all and I am gathering all of the details and essentials for our fifth very merry cocktail party which is coming up on Dec. 14. I’m working with two really fun brands on this party which makes it a little extra special.

I thought I’d share a little planning board above and a few fun things. It’s nowhere near complete, but includes a several elements we are incorporating into our party. I’m most excited for our annual Bubbly Bar which features sparkling wine and some fun additions each year. I have some special things going on this year. And we are having a little gourmet candy party favor station which will feature these seriously fancy lollipops and other white treats. 

While I’d love to make the party pure white, just like a winter wonderland, our home has too much color to make that happen. We had a lot of gold things leftover from last year and as an economical person, I just have to incorporate those gold items as well.

I’m also so excited that I scored two cocktail tables off of Craigslist this year. With the number of people who attend this party, I really like to have plenty of spaces for people to set drinks and enjoy food. I rented cocktail tables last year and rented linens. While I’m spending a few dollars more this year to purchase them, I now own two tables and two white very high quality table linens for them. We’re sure we’ll use them every year if not more so totally worth the investment.

Check out my Pinterest board for holiday ideas and to get a sense for this year’s style.