I love this picture, mostly because my husband’s strong hand is the focus. He is a major rock in my world and it just reminds me of that. In a major effort to really enjoy my real life (you know the one that doesn’t happen on social media?), I’ve made a few changes recently that are helping me relax, recharge and refocus.

First, I focus 100% on my little guy on Tuesdays! While it’s only once a week, it has helped both of us so much just to declare that Tuesdays are for Bodhi and only Bodhi. Follow hashtag #TuesdayswithB on Instagram for all of our fun times. We go on “adventures,” visit daddy, nap together, eat lunch without the phone or computer because I don’t even answer client emails that day and we go for walks and play dates.

Recently I removed Facebook from my iPhone and it has been freeing. It allows me to enjoy bed time and reading time fully. While it’s been almost fully positive, I do sometimes feel very overwhelmed by all of the Facebook messages I have when a work day begins, but I work through them one by one and it’s still much better than trying to respond and feeling like I have to respond at all hours. I also find that I sometimes go to my phone looking for Facebook and then realize it’s not there. Ha! That’s clearly an addiction.

Life is moving very quickly for me. A baby, and now toddler, makes that more apparent than life without a child. They literally grow right before your eyes. Photos from even one month ago look different from today. You have a different realization of time, that two years have passed, than you do without a child.

B (and all children) is the best reminder of what is important for me. He is the best reminder to stop and just be in the moment. He is the best reminder to play with trains and horses and cows and dolls. Children make you splash in puddles of water and it’s so much fun—a kind of fun you forget about as an adult, or at least I did. Children force you to focus on what is right before your eyes. Children help you to laugh a real belly laugh when they act silly. They make you hug and kiss little injuries and love and forgive over and over and over again. I love real life. Even when it’s messy. And even when we’re all wearing mismatched pajamas. Which, by the way, is most of the time.

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