In an effort to get a bit more organized, I am trying to come up with some go-to gifts for the toddlers in our little world. I always end up running to the store on the way to a party and it adds some very unnecessary stress plus I’m not usually 100% satisfied with the gift. Here are a few items I’ve found that could work for almost any toddler and almost all of these are very budget-friendly. 

1. Ikea watercolor paint set ($7.99) and long sleeve apron ($3.99). I think most toddlers love to paint. This set is fun for B and is also really fun for me. I love the richness of the colors and the variety. It also comes with a spot for the water and paintbrushes to sit. If they get spilled, they are contained. Awesome!

2. Ikea art easel ($14.99) and chalk ($1.99) We love ours and that price can’t be beat.

3. Melissa and Doug reusable playhouse sticker set ($5.66) or habitat sticker set ($6) Both would be a great stand-alone gift and would definitely get use by most sticker-loving toddlers.

4. Water table ($37) I was just talking with a neighbor last week and realized that this isn’t that expensive and could be a great gift. Maybe more of a mom and dad or grandma and grandpa gift at this price point, but a great gift for most toddlers. Our water table has been used daily last summer and this summer so far.

5. Coffee and tea set ($9.99) I could basically buy everything at Ikea and be a super happy camper. This set would be fun for girls or boys who like to pretend. B loves to pretend to drink coffee with us in the mornings.

6. Melissa and Doug band in a box ($19) Probably one of Bodhi’s all-time favorite gifts. My aunt gave this to him for Christmas and we play “marching band” all the time. So much fun!

I’m also a huge fan of simple sidewalk chalk and bubbles. Bodhi would play with those two things all day long if we let him and you can never have enough since other kids always want to join in on the fun. My favorite bubbles are at Target. They are a large skinny bottle with a big wand and cost 99 cents. Perfection!

Question for you… the Ikea art easel is SO affordable and is great fun, but would it be weird to get something so large from a friend? I would love to pick up a few of these for gifts in the coming months, but just wasn’t sure about size. Would it be ok with a gift receipt? Do you have a go-to gift for the toddlers in your life?

My husband was supposed to travel most of this week and weekend for work, but it got rescheduled. That means we get a bit of a family weekend for the first time in a while. Lots of outdoor fun ahead. Have a wonderful weekend!

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