Remember our old bedroom? We loved it, but when we moved, I decided I wanted something softer… a bit more romantic.

The photo above is one of many inspiration pins. And here are a few pins from my Pinterest boards for our bedroom.

Most of the bedding I pinned was expensive. Really expensive!

Then, I found teenage girl bedding at Target that looks almost exactly like this Anthopologie quilt when you turn it sideways… or close enough!


And I found several pretty awesome pillows that didn’t break the bank… like this one from Target.


So here is our bed before we find the perfect tufted headboard. This is just a little teaser from my iPhone. We still have a few finishing touches to make (more than a few really—paint, curtains, one beautiful light fixture and a new headboard), so more to come.

Isn’t it fun to find deals? I wasn’t even looking for bedding the day I found this, but it is just perfect for how I imagine our bedroom. What surprise finds have helped you get the look you want in your home?

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