Hey hey! We’re already deep into the school year. I find that a month or so in is when things become routine which is great in many ways. But, things can get stale.

Being in the swing of things means that we’ve sorted through back to school shopping, backpacks, lunchbags, messy mudrooms, figuring out new teachers, new bus schedules and new classrooms. Once I feel like I have things somewhat under control, I love to add a little fun to our days.

We pack lunches for one son every day and the other, a few times each week. To add a touch of whimsy to our world, we put together some adorable animal themed lunchbox notes for little ones. These notes are an easy and fun way to add a bit of fun and some love to their days at school.

The first time I used one for Ezra, he came home excitedly exclaiming “There was an owl in my lunchbox, mom! How did it get there?!” Just a tiny touch of magic, friends. Head over to the Fedex Out of Office blog to print yours. Then simply cut and place in the lunchbox each day. Happy lunch packing, friends!

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