We’re back from our fabulous vacation in Hawaii and it’s time to get ready for Valentine’s Day tomorrow! I love putting together fun Valentine’s Day crafts with my kids and especially enjoy helping them find the perfect Valentine’s Day cards to bring to school.

My youngest son is obsessed with dinosaurs. While I can find store-bought fierce dinosaur Valentine’s Day cards, they didn’t feel like a good fit for my fun-loving 2.5-year-old to bring to his Montessori school friends who are all toddlers. I wanted something playful, colorful and fun. In partnerships with FedEx Office, we put together a page filled with adorable, colorful, striped dinosaur Valentine’s Day cards for him to take to his classmates with a mini dinosaur toy attached.

Today, we’re offering our dinosaur themed Valentine’s Day cards free to you too over on the FedEx Office blog! Simply print, cut and enjoy!