This post is mostly about happy hour, but also a call-out to a few really fancy women in my life. The photos above feature the three lovely ladies I reference in the rest of this post.

Every time I have a happy hour with Leah and Angie, two of my Benson High School turned life-long friends, I leave satisfied. I feel lucky to have such great friends who I grew up with. I feel thankful that we still enjoy each other and grateful that we’ve changed enough so we can learn from one another. I feel slightly proud that we’ve maintained our friendship and I leave our times together feeling simply happy.

Must be one of the many reasons “happy hour” became “happy” hour. Last night I met Angie and Leah, who have become two of my favorite people to enjoy happy hour with, and my college  friend Jana.

Jana is one of my friends who works extra hard to make sure we never lose touch. I appreciate that. And in winter, I’m finding that keeping in touch with friends takes extra effort. So I’ve been planning things out a couple of weeks to ensure that these girlfriend gatherings happen.

Me and some of my best friends before my bachelorette party.

Yesterday, when deciding where to go, Jana did a lot of work to give the four of us some happy hour options. But her suggestions were shot down by our desire to go to Barrio for their guacamole and half price mamacitas. Leah describes this cocktail in one word—tequila.

After all of that effort, I still think Jana’s suggestions are great. Here are Jana’s west of the river recommendations for happy hour.

$4 taps
$4 house wine
$4 pomegranate margarita (YUM!)
$4 cranberry mojito
$4 candied apple drop
discounted appetizers until 6:00 p.m.

$3.50 Heineken/Heineken Lite
$3.50 rail drinks
$3.50 house wines
$5 large hot sake
$6 featured sake
$3-$4 select appetizers
$4-$15 discounted sushi rolls

Red Stag Supper Club
$3 select wines
$3 domestic taps
$4 select taps
$4 cocktails
$4 crispin’ cider 

Take the lead with your favorite female friends. Schedule a nice relaxing happy hour in the next few weeks. You won’t regret it. Live the fancy life!