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Last week was a long one. Getting our little guy up and out the door for preschool has been very challenging. And the evenings are a bit of a rush as we work towards an earlier bedtime. This 3-day weekend over labor day was amazing! We let loose a bit and enjoyed lots of family time.

I’ve been trying hard to take a “feel good moment” each afternoon during naps or between work calls and emails. This week I’ve taken five or 10 minutes to drink a glass of sparkling water with a fresh fruit popsicle (Weird? Maybe, but delicious too) on the porch, at my dining room table or even on the sofa doing absolutely nothing else. How often do you do that? I never just sit and enjoy a beverage or sit quietly. It’s SO healthy. 

Every hump day (or Wednesdays for those who don’t know), Ice Mountain® Brand Sparkling Natural Spring Water is sharing some of their favorite ways to feel good and escape the midweek hump over on their Facebook page. “Like” them on Facebook for lots of great inspiration and to have a feel good moment each week.

We’ve all been there, bogged down with work and trying to get over the midweek hump with the weekend to look forward to. Sometimes you need a break and a moment to feel good no matter what day of the week it is.

Wednesdays are a great day to take that break and Ice Mountain® Sparkling water  wants to help you turn that frown upside down. Every hump day, Ice Mountain® Sparkling water will be sharing more ways to have a feel good moment on their Facebook page and they invite you to join in the fun!

In the middle of a long workweek, we all need a break, even just for a minute.

My top 10 ways to have a “feel good moment”

10. Take a long hot shower in silence.

9. Eat lunch outside alone.

8. Listen to music while you work or have a quick dance party all by yourself.

7. Enjoy a yoga pose or two.

6. Meditate for five minutes.

5. Steal huge hugs from your loved ones and make it last a minute.

4. Sit on your sofa or at your dining room table and do nothing but enjoy a beverage. I recommend sparkling water.

3. Take a walk.

2. Read a chapter of your favorite book in the middle of the work day.

1. Take five minutes to read a blog or blogs that inspire you. For me, it’s this one, this one and this one.

How do you take a moment for yourself?

Photo credit: Melissa Oholendt Photography (my fave).

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