My husband and I have hosted a holiday party since our first Christmas together a few years back. Although expecting a little one, I’m normally a big fan of champagne. I quickly and easily created a simple yet charming bubbly bar that I think my guests look forward to each year. Here goes the recipe for a bubbly bar at a party hosting 40 plus people (which is what we do).  

  • 8 bottles of bubbly
    I like Trader Joe’s prosecco to save money and I love Cristalino for an inexpensive yet very tasty option.
  • 3 bottles of sparkling water or sparkling beverages like Trader Joe’s


    Blood Orange Sparkling Soda or French Berry Lemonade.

  • 3 bags of frozen fruit
    I usually choose red and green ones to puree. Strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, kiwi, blueberries, peaches and more work great. I simply puree the fruit with two or three tablespoons of simple syrup (sugar/water mixture). I put the purees in pretty bowls with small spoons so guests can add as much puree to their bubbly as they would like.
  • Fresh fruit
    I think raspberries and cranberries are the perfect garnish for a holiday bubbly bar as they are festive in red. Just put them in a clear bowl or wine glass with a small spoon or appetizer picks. It makes the glass look extra fancy.
  • Champagne flutes
    Buy them at Ikea! They are dishwasher safe and very inexpensive in case some break. We own 50 now so can pretty much handle any size party.

I always add pretty decor to the bar and keep the bubbly bar separate from the regular bar for space, flow and to make it stand out. I like to keep the extra bottles of champagne in a silver beverage tub ready to be opened at any time. This bar will please both men and women and most people really enjoy making their own fancy beverage. Live the fancy life!