Hello lovely readers! I apologize for going weeks on end without any posts about delicious happy hour specials, fancy date ideas, great shopping deals and other musings.

Some changes are happening in the Fancy household that make me stop dreaming of cocktail parties with lots of beautiful mimosas and these gorgeous champagne cocktails:

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And start dreaming more and more of things like this:

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We are thrilled to welcome our first baby in April. I can only strive to be as fancy as a few mommies I know {you know who you are}. In the meantime, I still have our annual huge, fabulous, lovely, amazing very merry cocktail party planned in December with lots of bubbly and more.

The challenge this year is to come up with an equally fabulous non-alcoholic beverage for myself and all of the other mommies-to-be! So, with this life change, I still promise to be more diligent about writing stories on oh-so-fancy things that will help all of us to keep living the fancy life!