We hosted 22 people for Christmas. The day was filled with fun, laughter, love, joy and way too much food! The food highlights for me were the mashed potato bar served in lowball martini glasses, dessert, dessert and more dessert, and the amazing homemade lasagna (The Pioneer Woman Cooks recipe). Read on for all the details. 

Bodhi literally had the best two days of his entire life so far and it wasn’t because of the presents. Thank goodness! I was worried about him getting overwhelmed by all the gifts or wanting “more” all the time, but he wanted little to do with opening gifts and when he did open one, he just wanted to play with it for a long time.

His real joy came from having so many people at our house. He loves all of my aunts, uncles and cousins so much and of course, he had his grandparents from both sides as well as my grandma (GG for great grandma) and grandpa (He just calls him grandpa since my in-laws use Sinhalese names for grandma and grandpa).

I spent way too much time and energy on decor, but I do get a lot of joy out if it, so it’s worth it, right?! I’ll get you the final details on the backdrop soon. I added Christmas lights behind the canvas for the party to add light since the house was dark in the evening. So easy and inexpensive.

A few things to note:

-I stuck with the same color palette as the party so I could re-use much of the decor. Colors were gold, silver, ivory, champagne and white. I added a touch of red for our family christmas as well.
-I purchased the gold chargers at Target for $1.99 each weeks ago. Then, they went on clearance on Saturday, so I returned all of them and bought them for 50% off. I plan to repaint them each year to match our decor. We have square white plates, so these are perfect, but…
-I ended up using paper plates because I wanted to speed up clean-up.
-I rented folding chair covers from We’ve Got it Covered, here in Minnesota. I worked with the owner Erin on Ali and Matt’s wedding, so knew it would come together beautifully and she makes it so easy on me. I added gold bows using ribbon from Joann Fabrics that I bought on Saturday on uber sale! I plan to do a post soon on different ways to get uniform chairs for hosting-I have a ton of ideas and need to come up with a more permanent solution.
-Ikea wine and champagne glasses are the best deal around. We own 50 champagne flutes and 30 wine glasses and have for years. We use them for every gathering. It’s awesome and worth the very teeny tiny investment.
-I used the berries off of our tree on the silverware. Such a great little detail without spending any extra money.
Shannon of Grace & Guy Paperie Designs is the most amazing person to work with ever! She designed our paper products for Christmas and our cocktail party (post coming soon) with a little direction from me and they literally could not have turned out more perfect or closer to how I imagined them. I LOVE HER! She also designed the paper products for the Curious George 2nd birthday.
-Making a gingerbread house with a toddler is incredibly messy and incredibly awesome!


Soup shooters and the mashed potato bar were just two of the fun little things we did.

 We had my grandma in town for a full week before Christmas. She helped me make a ton of cake pops. So delish!

Dessert always seems like a good idea, but then you eat way too much!
Little gingerbread people fresh from the Benson (Minnesota) Bakery and my grandma’s fudge!

Final note: None of this stuff really matters. I LOVE pretty things and love spending time working on details for parties, but really, if you do nothing pretty and just put up a tree or a Menorah or nothing, Christmas or any holiday you celebrate, can still be magical if everyone comes happy and ready for fun and love and peace and joy. Watching Bodhi just enjoy being with everyone was a swift and important reminder of what really matters. Kids bring out the best in people and they live in the moment. Why can’t we all?

I hope you had a wonderful week and get to spend some time with the people who matter most to you. Cheers!

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