Although I’m feeling VERY busy today, I’m also feeling fabulous. We finished all of our Christmas shopping last week and even picked up three birthday gifts for a few of our December birthday friends. They are all wrapped and neatly placed under the tree thanks to a sweet 2-year-old boy who LOVES to put them under there. OK, I may have moved them around a bit after he went to bed.

I’m feeling grateful beyond words for a bunch of things.

I’ve had some meaningful text and email conversations with two of my best friends lately. They always give me the benefit of the doubt (and I do the same for them), assume positive intent and forgive. I love them! So much! You know who you are (C & J). :)

I have three wonderful neighbors who always come through for me when I’m short a cake stand or ice bucket or beverage tub. And for this year’s Very Merry Cocktail party, I had to borrow things from all three of them. How in the world did I get so lucky to have wonderful neighbors who I love and who are so generous with their time and resources?

And I’m thankful for another neighbor who encouraged me to order New Year’s cards after I told her we were so behind this year. Thanks to her little encouragement, I did it and don’t feel bad about missing Christmas cards. Thank you H! :)

As always, I’m so so grateful for Shannon at Grace & Guy Paperie for her wonderful design skills and willingness to always create something custom for me and my parties.

I’m thankful for my cousin (but really, she’s like a sister) Alyssa who moved close to us last year and life has never been better. She is literally the best auntie in the world to B and is my best friend. She is babysitting B for date nights these next two months and I am so appreciative. She also just rocks. We love her!

I’m thankful for my blog friends (who I affectionately call my tribe) who have made this work so much more meaningful and fun. Thank you Tiffany, Sharon, Amber, Laurel, Chris, Carmen, Melissa, EstherBrandi, Carrie and Kristin! Frankly, this job can get a little lonely. Last year at this time, I was a little blogger on my own trying to navigate this strange world. I had one blog friend. One. She is literally the best blog friend you could have, but she was it (Hi Tiffany!). :) She is also a contributor here now and I love working with her. Having this group of women to chat with daily has made life so much better. Check them out if you’re ever looking for new blogs to follow. They are all WONDERFUL (Kristin isn’t a blogger, but she is the world’s best baker).

Lastly, I’m thankful for Christmas trees and holiday cards from friends and Santa hats and white poinsettias and holly berry and cake pops and ultrasounds and baby heartbeats and airplanes and shiny wrapping paper and nonalcoholic sparkling wine and cake stands and snow (yes, snow!) and a wonderful, handsome, sweet husband, a beautiful thoughtful child and the spirit of this wonderful season.

Cheers to the weekend!