Ezra Jude turns two

Mr. Ezra Jude turned two last week. My how two years flew by. We celebrated three times with family. Due to some health issues, we didn’t have a big party this year (like last year) and I honestly don’t think he cared or knew the difference.

Ezra Jude turns two

This sweet boy has completed our family. He is a joyful, funny, compassionate, cuddly little man.

Ezra Jude turns two

He seriously makes us laugh every day and is such a great little brother.

Ezra turns two (4 of 14)

Here are a few things I want to remember about Ezra:

  • Instead of milk, he says “cow milk.” No idea where he got that.
  • Hold you (instead of hold me)
  • Milk baba (for milk before bed)
  • When I say “I love you Ezra,” he says, “I love you morning mama.” This is from a song “I love you in the morning and in the afternoon.”
  • “Where is mine Bodhi” when he’s trying to find big brother B.
  • He loves to make us pretend coffee.
  • The kid can climb anything without help. It is amazing.
  • He’s speaking in full sentences (but can sometimes only be understood by us).
  • He gives so many hugs and when he’s sad he always comes in for a hug.
  • When he’s tired he says “crib.”
  • He’s been mostly potty trained for a few months thanks to his Montessori school (and no thanks to us).
  • He often says “Could I” asking if he can be included in things.

The list could go on and on.

Ezra turns two (2 of 14)

Raising children is amazing, joy-filled, humbling and heartbreaking.

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