Ezra starting solids

Feeling inspired by my friend Gina, I’ve decided to take photos of Ezra and Bodhi just doing regular things around the house each week and post here monthly or weekly… whenever I feel like it mostly. Today I wanted to share photos of Ezra eating solids for one of his first times. I say “one of” because his real first time was at night and it’s too dark for good photos with my skills.

Ezra starting solidsHonestly, I wanted to write a post for you… something like “5 tips for starting solid foods” or “our favorite utensils for baby’s first foods” but today, it’s just photos of my beautiful boy playing with his spoon.

Ezra starting solids

Parenting the second time around is so different and for me, so much better! I question everything much less, go with my first instincts almost always and just don’t worry about stuff so much. Sure, my hands are obviously full with two kids, but because I’m much more laid back, it’s more fun. 

Ezra eating solids (1 of 7)

Maybe it’s this chill guy who I can’t stop kissing or maybe it’s me or maybe it’s a combination of things, but solids the second time around are still super fun and way less stressful.

Ezra eating solids (7 of 7)

Ezra likes the spoons as much as the food.

Ezra eating solids (6 of 7)

What are your favorite first solids for baby?

Ezra starting solids

I skipped the cereals this time and went straight for whole foods. Ezra LOVES avocado and sweet potatoes so far. Looking forward to doing more.

Have a great end to your week!


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