My sweet little baby is no longer a newborn. There isn’t an ounce of newborn left.

At 3 months, he’s a full blown baby who squeals and babbles and smiles and screeches and giggles and has my heart in a big way. 

Month three things to remember

  • First run in the jogging stroller and mommy ran her first 5k since before pregnancy.
  • Sits in the Bumbo chair often
  • Sits in the Joovy Spoon regularly and plays with toys a bit
  • He finally met my friend Cassie. I adore her. He does too!
  • First trip to Mall of America with Bodhi, the hubby and some of our dear friends. He slept almost the entire time but woke up for some fun at lunch.
  • A big sleep regression followed by a couple better nights, followed by terrible sleep. Terrible! Now using some ideas from The No Cry Sleep Solution and having teeny tiny successes. I’ll take it!
  • Sitting on the porch often. He loves being outside.
  • Almost always takes 4-5 naps a day (cat naps) and goes to bed around 7/7:30. (Since he hit 3 months, this pattern is already different. So glad I took notes)
  • Some improvement in the carseat but overall, it’s still a very difficult experience for all. Especially poor Bodhi!
  • First shots including 3 pokes. So sad. He had a fever and was very fussy all day after them. He’s a super happy baby so this was just awful.
  • Started grasping toys and sucking on them.
  • Loves sucking his hands/fingers.
  • Finally left the fussy early evenings (sometimes called 4th trimester witching hour) behind.
  • Sits with us at dinner and seems really curious about food
  • Finally enjoying baths and showers
  • Spends the early mornings with daddy so mommy can get a little extra sleep. This has been great for all of us!

Month three dislikes

  • Loud sounds
  • Carseat

Things with Ezra just keeping getting better and better. I’m starting to get nervous about moving him to his own room and eventually weaning him from his swaddle. He loves/needs the swaddle to calm right before bed. It really helps him. Overall, he is a fairly laid back baby who is smiley almost all the time other than when he is tired. We are SO SO grateful he is in our lives. He’s such a joy.

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