Ezra's first birthday cake smashEzra turned one this week. What a lovely year! We celebrated simply at home and we are hosting a fun party with close family and friends this weekend.

Ezra's first birthday cake smashThis first year of Ezra’s life has been truly amazing. I never expected to not only survive well, but to actually thrive after a second baby was born. I had low expectations before he was born simply because I had a hard time after my first birth, but I have been so filled with unexpected joy and peace with our two boys.

Ezra's first birthday cake smashWe are in such a great groove with our little family of four. We have things mostly figured out and we have just been enjoying life. My husband and I have grown so much this year as a couple. I honestly can’t believe how far we’ve come and how well we function as a team. Figuring out the balance/juggle together has been interesting and challenging, but also just so good for us and our marriage.

I feel like I have my priorities so straight right now. I’ve gained amazing friends this year because of my children. I’ve laughed and cried with some of them and just feel SO grateful this week.

Oh baby boy Ezra! You have changed our lives for the better in every way possible. Your infectious smile, daily belly laughs and sense of humor are such a thrill and we love you beyond words!




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