For me, time is flying with baby number two. My husband is set to go back to work next week and this little guy is already a month old. We’ll be sharing our family photos in the coming weeks (we should get them sometime this week!) and the postpartum items I couldn’t live without too, but for now, I wanted to share a bit about our first month with Ezra and his 1-month-photos.

First, overall the transition to two children has been amazing and SO much easier than I ever imagined. Bodhi has done really well and LOVES his baby brother. Ezra gets lots of kisses and hugs from B.

Month one things to remember

  • First real smiles.
  • Light babbling.
  • He makes a sound that sounds like “Gow” often. Like wow, but with a “g” instead.
  • First cold. :( That’s what happens when you have a big brother in preschool, I guess.
  • Sleeps a lot. He takes 3-4 and sometimes even 5 naps a day and they are long. Anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours.
  • Sleeps fairly well at night with a 3-4 hour stretch followed by several 1-2 hour stretches. Of course, last night was the worst thanks to a stuffy nose.
  • Growing out of his newborn clothes but not quite in 0-3 month clothes.
  • Loves to suck on a pacifier for comfort.
  • Enjoys walks and shopping in a carrier. He falls asleep almost immediately.
  • Went to the zoo, several dinners out with mommy and daddy and walks around the neighborhood plus three Driveway Happy Hour nights. He also went to Benson for my Uncle and new Aunt’s wedding.

Ezra’s dislikes in month one

  • Baths.
  • Being changed. He doesn’t mind a diaper change, but hates his clothes being changed.
  • Carseat. We’ve changed out our infant seat for this Maxi Cosi convertible carseat and it has made a big difference, but he still has a hard time in the carseat fairly often.

I’m SO looking forward to seeing this guy grow and seeing Bodhi and Ezra develop a relationship over the years. And having my husband home on paternity leave has been the best thing ever for all of us.

Monthly pennant flags are from Kindertype.

What’s new with you? Have a wonderful rest of your week!