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I’ve been thinking about the topic of living your passions for a while now and because it’s Friday, I’m brave enough to share. (p.s. It’s scary putting yourself out there…just sayin’!).

Quitting my corporate job was a long time coming, but I had worked very hard to get to where I was, so it wasn’t easy to leave. I worked in a well-respected department in a large successful company downtown Minneapolis. I had great colleagues and what most would consider, a really good job.

But, what has stuck with me since I attended the Making Things Happen Intensive in December of 2010, was this quote that Lara Casey shared.

A year from now, you will wish you had started today. -Karen Lamb

It took me a while, well, more like a year, to realize it, but it’s 100% true for me. I had been freelance writing, doing some photography, events and blogging for YEARS! Bit by bit, my skills got stronger, I got more confident and more work started flowing in, but I couldn’t really grow in any of those areas while working full-time and still spending time with my family, especially with a new baby.

{photo credit-Gina Zeidler}

And then the universe pushed me over the edge in May of this year. My mom decided to move a few hours away for a better job and the lifestyle she wanted. She had watched Bodhi three days a week since I went back to work after maternity leave. It was hard for her and it was VERY hard for me to imagine dropping him off at daycare.

Things started becoming clear to me and as soon as I put myself out there with my dreams, things happened. I left my job and started working my tail off on the three days a week when I had childcare and during all of Bodhi’s naps.

Now, just a few months later, I have a successful business that is growing every single day. I know that not everyone can make this work, but today, I want to encourage you to really think about your dream. What baby steps could you take to make that dream a reality-even if it’s just small for now? 

With my photography business, I had a simple logo designed and purchased a quick website template. that’s it!

Sometimes you have to go out ugly early. –Emily Ley

If you want to be inspired today, you can see a few other Making Things Happen women who started with an idea, worked hard and made their career dreams come true here, here, here and here.

And this girl went to my high school in Benson, Minnesota (population 3400) and worked at her parent’s supper club (with me) 6 days a week while attending school. Now besides being a model, a graphic designer at a prestigious agency in Minneapolis, owning her own graphic design business and being an amazing mama and wife, she wrote a book! Dreams can come true, but no one ever just gets lucky. Start somewhere and work hard. What is your dream?

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