For our neighborhood’s awesome National Night Out event on Tuesday, I signed up to bring dessert. I had thoughts of baking something delicious with a little help from this guy.

No such luck. The days/weekend/beginning of the week got away from me, so to the store we drove to buy dessert. Instead of getting boring store-bought cupcakes (which I often do), I thought it would be cool to serve ice cream, but how?

I decided to try putting ice cream in a green beverage tub we already had and filled it with lots of ice! So we did it and with the exception of the popsicles, it worked. The popsicles melted very quickly. Boo… But, the Dove bars and Haagen Dazs survived!

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This was a big hit with the kids and quite a few adults. The little containers come with small spoons. Just perfect!

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On a completely random side note, I’m obsessed with hand soap. This Orla Kiely designed bottle by Method is my new favorite! LOVE!

Have you seen these at Target yet? I have to say, the primrose bottle is beautiful and my absolute favorite (middle), but the scent just doesn’t do it for me as a hand soap. Sad. The Vanilla Chai scent is perfect for fall with a warm spice to it though and the bottle is definitely pretty too.

P.S. We have a weekend with no plans! NONE! Zip. Zilch. Nada. Hooray! This never happens. The little guy gets all of our attention. We may hit up a baseball game or do something super spur of the moment. Yes! What are you up to?

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