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It’s finally here! The easy no-sew DIY directions for making bow tie or hair bow party favors like we did for Bodhi’s first birthday party! I’ve had a lot of reader email and comment requests for this lately and I’m so sorry for the delay (yes, the 6 month delay!).

What you’ll need:

    • 1.5 inch ribbon. We used green and white stripes and then teal with polka dots.
    • 1/4 inch ribbon in complementary color. We used white.
    • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
    • Hair clips like these for hair bows or clips like these for the bow ties and remove the badge holder. I was in a rush so bought these and cut off the danglers with a metal cutter. NOT EASY and not recommended.

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Steps (watch the slideshow above for details):
  1. Cut 8.5 inch long strips of the thicker ribbon (cut the number of bow ties you need)
  2. Cut 2.5 inch strips of the quarter-inch ribbon
  3. Fold the ends of the ribbon to the back so that they meet
  4. Cinch it together with your hands. Create the look you want. I used three pleats in my bow ties.
  5. Tie the quarter-inch ribbon around making a knot in the back where the seam of the thicker ribbon is
  6. Turn it around and make sure you love it!
  7. Hot glue the clip to the back of the bow tie
  8. Done! Enjoy!

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