Although I’m not currently drinking much more than water, sparkling water and decaf coffee, the thought of a refreshing glass of champagne is starting to sound pretty lovely. So, when the cashier at the Uptown Whole Foods in Minneapolis mentioned a drink recipe on Saturday evening that is as simple as scooping and pouring, I was inspired.

On our way to dinner at the lovely home of Lisa (My Inner Fashionlogue), her husband Mitch and her son Miles, we stopped at Whole Foods for gelato and sorbet for dessert. I grabbed a delicious pint of Talenti Roman raspberry sorbet and Ciao Bella chocolate hazelnut gelato. Yum to both!

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As I checked out, the fine cashier asked if I drank. He then went on to say that his favorite summer drink is Ciao Bella’s blood orange sorbet in a martini glass. Then add vodka until the glass is full. Stir and serve! How simple and how delicious. After browsing Ciao Bella’s website, I found that they actually recommend this recipe with a few tweaks. You can see their full recipe here.

This got me thinking about what else we could do with all of the fun summery sorbet flavors to make simple drinks for a summer gathering. Champagne of course!

His little blood orange martini recipe could easily be translated into a bellini made of sorbet in any flavor you choose with champagne. I think the idea of blood orange, mango or raspberry sounds delicious with champagne and a splash of vodka. Honestly, haven’t had a chance to try it out, but will the first night our son sleeps in his crib alone! What fun summer beverages top your summer party list?

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