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Driveway Happy Hour with Sequoia GroveFor any of my long-time readers, I’ve talked about Driveway Happy Hour at least once a summer. It’s our neighborhood’s weekly Friday night family-friendly get together that includes tons of playtime for the kiddos, a little bit of wine for the parents and great conversation.

Driveway Happy Hour with Sequoia Grove (10 of 11)It rotates throughout the neighborhood each summer. It was our turn to host this past Friday night and we had such a fabulous night with our amazing neighbors. I focused on just a few things to make the night fun, festive, but also simple and enjoyable. I had Natalie create some lovely posters (as usual!) with fun phrases.

Driveway Happy Hour with Sequoia Grove (5 of 11)I decorated with simple white vases filled with ferns and raffia table runners. I already owned all of the white linens and borrowed folding tables from neighbors.

Driveway Happy Hour with Sequoia Grove (8 of 11)Entertaining simply is my new favorite thing! I actually enjoy our parties now that I keep it more simple.

Driveway Happy Hour with Sequoia Grove (3 of 11)We served pizza, brownies, cookies, chips and dips, fruit pops and snacks plus Sequoia Grove Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon for the adults.

Driveway Happy HourA few neighbors brought over amazing desserts and the best appetizers on a stick ever! It all just flowed.

Driveway Happy HourThere was nothing particularly extravagant, but getting together with friends on a Friday night with a good glass of wine and happy kiddos playing is basically a recipe for pure joy!

Driveway Happy Hour with Sequoia Grove (6 of 11)

And while you certainly don’t need to be best friends with all of your neighbors, I highly recommend nurturing relationships with neighbors if you have it in you. It creates the most amazing energy ever for raising kiddos. I’m so grateful for all of the people (adults and littles) who surround our home. We have some of the best and I love getting to know everyone better.

Surbhi and meIt really does take a village, right? Consider starting up a happy hour in your neighborhood. Calling it “Driveway Happy Hour” makes it even more casual and you can ask everyone to bring their own drinks to keep it simple. You never know what friendships and relationships will form.

Driveway Happy Hour with Sequoia Grove (1 of 11)About Sequoia Grove

Sequoia Grove, founded in 1979, is a family-owned winery located in the heart of Napa Valley’s Rutherford, renowned for producing some of the finest wines in the world. Their consistent philosophy of making wines with varietal character that are reflective of the land helped establish Sequoia Grove as one of the premier Cabernet Sauvignon producers in Napa Valley. Follow Sequoia Grove on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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