I think I’m the “bad” mom around here. I have not been able to pull off “thank you” cards after Bodhi’s birthday parties the past two years. This year I had really good intentions, but he opened half the gifts when I was still cleaning up so I wasn’t able to find out who things were from. Last year, I was simply overwhelmed.

Do you send thank you cards for your children’s birthdays? I know I should and I really love writing notes and sending big stacks of cards to people we love, but the thought of writing thank you notes without the details scares me.

At the same time, I do want people to know a bit about their gifts. For example, the cute neon green and light blue baseball style tee that our friends got Bodhi is my absolutely favorite shirt. Bodhi wears it at least once a week. Shouldn’t I tell that to the lovely gift givers?

Or should I tell my friend that the rain boots get worn every single day and have already jumped in more than 100 puddles since it’s been raining nonstop the past few weeks? Sometimes I just think that I should give myself a break and send emails or hope that people know I have good intentions. Other times…

I continue to debate. Tiny Prints may have put me over the edge today though.

For one day only, Tiny Prints is offering 50% off of Thank You cards. Such a great deal!

Creating custom thank you cards is easy.

1. Visit their Deal of the Day Page and click through to the thank you cards.
2. Choose from hundreds of designs. Pick the one that best fits your personality.
3. Customize the cards. Pick your own fonts, add pictures to some designs, choose your favorite colors, and play with the design. Make it scream “you.”
4. Double check your design. Make sure it looks like you want it to.
5. Checkout. When you checkout, use the promo code DEAL0613 for 50% off.

That’s it! Super simple. They’ll be to your door in about a week and all you’ll need then is a good pen and a thankful heart.

p.s. Why don’t most guys stress about these kinds of things?

This is not a sponsored post, however, there is an affiliate link included. I just love Tiny Prints and use them for most of our paper products and use their sister company Treat for everything!