I have a thing for pretty office supplies. Perfectly patterned folders, cute notebooks, amazing planners and pens and paper make me so happy.

Lately I’ve needed tabs to get to certain places in my Simplified planner. I am consulting for a former employer for several hours each week so I have more folders and notebooks than usual and I travel between my home office and their office. Because I literally switch from client to client and project to project multiple times a day, I needed something starting this past Monday, so hitting a store for Martha Stewart goodies was not an option.

So, yesterday I thought that it would be fun to try adding ribbon. I did it and it’s lovely!

I used ribbon I had in a box. It’s a mess. I should probably clean it up soon. And I have lots of colored paper clips in a drawer.

Simply fold ribbon in half, slide the loop through the end of the paper clip that will stick out when in use.

Bring the open ends together through the loop and pull tight.

Cut the ribbon ends to the desired length and shape. I kept it simple with an angled cut. I made them long enough to stick out slightly from my planner, but short enough to not be a hindrance.

Simple, inexpensive, pretty paper clips. I’m off to buy some cute patterned ribbon to make a whole lot more. Enjoy!