Today I have two more backdrops to get you inspired to make your own for parties. While I said I’d keep them under $15, today’s backdrops are under $5.

The first is a simple tissue paper pom backdrop. I made three sizes and called it good. You can find so many tutorials on how to make these. You could add more or change up the pattern, all for the price of the tissue paper. Simply attach with double-sided tape or duct tape.

The second is made of simple wrapping paper. I picked a graphic paper that wasn’t too shiny and wrapped the canvas in it. I LOVE the way it looks and only used a small portion of the roll. This particular roll is from Target. It’s simple, bold and so inexpensive.

I have many more to come. If you’re looking for a few more ideas, click to see volume 1.

Disclaimer: Affiliate link included.