I saw this memo board from Ballard Designs in my last Real Simple magazine on my way to San Francisco. Real Simple styled it as a jewelry board. It was gorgeous. But it was $89. I knew that using the same approach as my office board, the same approach Tiffany took and shared with me, was the way to go!

I love burlap like they have on the Ballard Designs version, but for my bedroom, I thought that something softer would be better. I went with this pretty linen home decorating fabric with a slightly shiny white finish to it.

Since I used Tiffany’s approach for a different project, I’m not including the steps here. The only thing I did different than Tiffany is the back. I used a staple gun and she used pins. Either way works well.

This is my third time making a memo board with fabric in the past two weeks. I made a striped version for our mudroom and a pretty version for our office. I clearly have an obsession with this project.

This DIY jewelry organization board was so easy, so fast and looks really lovely in our room. Now quick, run out and buy some fabric and a cheap memo board! This project was under $10.

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