We attempted to dye white Ikea curtains for our family room.

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Our windows are huge! We need 108 inch curtains. This length tends to be really expensive. I LOVED these beautiful Crate and Barrel Bella Citrine panels, but the price tag was a bit out of our budget given that we needed 10 panels. Actually, even if we only needed two, I would have a hard time with this. I’m a total cheap-o! I can’t help it.

So, we decided that getting this same color in a solid would be fine. Here is how our attempt at dying curtains went down.  

I spent over an hour at Joann Fabrics trying to decide which yellow iDye to use. I googled the colors and left with several options. After a LOT of research, golden yellow seemed like the best option. I learned through my iPhone googling that golden yellow would be a little more subtle than bright yellow and less orange than golden ochre.

We brought it home, opened the curtain package and started the process of dying white cotton curtains yellow in the washing machine.

And the final result was this (as you can see above as well, but really wanted to give you a close-up look)…

Not good. I was a bit frustrated that I even attempted it for a bit. But, I learned a few things. First, iDye works! It really works! If you are looking for super bold colors, this is the dye for you and it was so great in the washing machine. Nothing inside the washer was stained and the fabric turned out perfectly even. They have a ton of color choices as well. I have a few for sale here because I obviously didn’t use them all.

This color reminds me of my high school’s gold, and while I like it, it isn’t the right color for the family room. If they are perfect for a room in your house, let me know! I’ll sell them to you for just a few $$$ on my shop page. ;)

So, on to plan B! The next day we found a fabric we loved and bought 30 yards of it so we could have a friend of my mother-in-law sew us some simple panels at a very reasonable price. They are up and we love them. Photos coming soon!

What do-it-yourself mistakes have you made?

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