I’m sure you’ve all seen the lovely DIY cake stands all over Pinterest and the idea isn’t so new, but check out these beauties!

One of my BFFs (the genius behind ChubbyMama Cupcakes) works for an awesome nonprofit in Saint Paul. She asked me to photograph a cool youth girls event recently and she made all of these cupcake stands (oh, and the cupcakes!) for the event. She will blog about them soon and I’ll be sure to link to her tutorial on the cake stands, but I thought these would make a pretty and inspiring Monday morning post. 

While I don’t know all of the details, I do know that she used thrift store and dollar store finds to make five or six different versions. My favorite ones are the hot pink ones, but I love them all. She stuck with stripes and chevron patterns on the plates which I think are just perfect for girls. Totally cute!

You can be sure that when there is spray paint and inexpensive items involved, I am on it! I am totally making these for Christmas this year!

I apologize in advance for giving you a terrible sweet tooth today because of all of these cupcake shots, but don’t they just make you happy? Cheers to a wonderful week, my friends!