After using a messenger bag with B (with way too few pockets and it would burst open/spill out much too often), we have decided to buy a solid diaper bag for this baby. I think a diaper bag is our best bet with a 3-year-old and newborn, plus I’m embracing everything mama-related this time as this will likely be our last baby. I’ve been searching and searching because, although I care deeply about a bag’s look, I need something practical and useful.

After a ton of searching, asking other moms for their thoughts (and boy did I get some AMAZING help from friends and readers/Facebook followers), reading hundreds of reviews, I have narrowed down our search to these six oh-so-chic and practical bags. One of these is pretty much not going to happen because the price is just too high, but I still included it because of the reviews, the look etc… it makes the cut.

Petunia Pickle Bottom City Carryall in black. I included the yellow just so you could see the details better, but would purchase black to go with most everything in my wardrobe. This is probably one of my favorite options.

Skip Hop Duo in grey French Stripe. I’m worried it’s just too deep, but I like it and it gets decent reviews plus great reviews from friends. One negative-it doesn’t zip shut.

Timi & Leslie Rachel bag in Caramel.

Skip Hop Chelsea Diaper Satchel in black on sale now at Macy’s. A top contender for sure, this black bag features all of the great pockets and organization I’m looking for in a black stylish design.

Marc Jacobs Eliz-A-Baby Nylon diaper bag in black. Marc Jacobs. Diaper Bag. Enough said. Everyone who buys it loves it. It looks great. It’s classic. It’s also double (if not triple) my budget. Not happening, but dreaming. :)

Babymel Crossbody in navy stripes. This was the very first bag I had my eye on when I started searching months ago, but the reviews are quite mixed. The biggest complaint is the lack of pockets-something I care a lot about this time since it will stash stuff for our new guy, our big boy and me. I’d love to keep things organized well.

Tell me about your diaper bag experiences. Did you have a favorite? Did you hate the one you chose (like I did)? Did you go a completely different route-a regular bag? What about these? Does one stand out to you? Thanks for your thoughts!

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