This home is what we think of as our “forever home.” We’ve started planting flowers we love. I planted a blue hydrangea plant this year. And I cut the fresh flowers and keep them in my office, our bedroom and our kitchen.

Life is full of really simple joys and pleasures, but sometimes I forget to make time to appreciate them.

Thank goodness B does. He notices many small lovely things.

Today I’m cutting fresh flowers and enjoying them in my home. I’m going to sip a cup of coffee with way too much sugar and cream, just the way I like it, and enjoy the view of the open sky, my white bright desk and fresh flowers from our yard. Flowers we planted with our hands.

And I’m probably going to force or bribe B to cuddle with me so I can hold him and take in the smell of my sweet toddler boy!

What are your simple pleasures? How can you make them a part of your life every day?

Beautiful photos by Melissa Oholendt Photography.

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